Nokia Kinect: New Concept phone

Jeremy Innes-Hopkins, a creative designer currently studying product design, worked with Nokia to come up with this new conceptual device. The idea is to make standard actions, like receiving a call, opening texts & emails, etc., more interactive by converting digitial information into kinetic movement.

So basically, the phone itself responds to notifications using movements. It utilizes an electromagnet at the base of the phone to shift weight, allowing to phone to “stand up”. You can dismiss the call by just tapping it back down. Quite simple, and fun in my opinion. I don’t know how the concept can actually be realized into a product, but if it did, it’d be really cool to see it in action! You can read more about this over on Jeremy’s Page.

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Check out a few more images of the concept in the gallery below.

Via Symbian-Freak

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