Nokia loading up MeeGo in future N Series Devices

There’s more news of the possibility that Nokia’s ditching the Symbian platform on their N-Series phones. Endgadget and CNET have heard from their sources in Nokia that they will be loading future N-series devices after the N8 with MeeGo instead. It looks like Symbian will have to settle with being loaded on the lower-cost phone segment in the Nokia Range.

I for one am quite happy with this piece news, given the slow progress Symbian has shown of late with the advancement of the OS for newer range of phones. The current Symbian platform just doesn’t cut it for the functionality demanded of the current day smartphones. We’re expecting quite a lot from the Symbian^4 platform which should be out in a few months. But I’m quite sceptical if Symbian^4 will actually deliver given the pre-release videos which has been circulating around the internet. It’s not that Meego has the upper hand here. The OS still had to prove itself in the Nokia range of smartphones, and the number of applications on that platform will also play a deciding factor while battling with iPhone and Android in the same segment.

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3 thoughts on “Nokia loading up MeeGo in future N Series Devices”

  1. I haven't used Symbian ^3 (or ^4 obviously) but after using first symbian+UIQ (Moto A925, A1000), then Symbian S60 (6630,n80,n95 8Gb,n96) there were many issues that were never really addressed and the platform became staler and staler.

    At the beginning of the year I nearly went android (and considered iphone a little) but after some consideration went for the Nokia N900.

    Whilst it has a few nuances I find it a truly remarkable device. Hugely stable (the most stable smartphone I've ever used), excellent performance, great UI, multitasking… many of the things a smartphone should be

    Nokia still have a way to go with Ovi store though — it really doesn't cut it.

    Moving on to meego — on the basis this will inherit much of what's good in maemo I absolutely 150% am sure this is the right way forward for higher end devices. Not that it's going to be easy

    The biggest factor has to be sorting out the app store and developer enablement — it's not JUST about making a cool piece of hardware and OS.. the ecosystem is far far more than that as Apple and Google are demonstrating. This is where Nokia are coming unstuck

  2. No doubt the N900 is a very stable device, but what keeps it out of the hands of the regular consumer is the limited applications and games on the device. It does what it's sold to do – and performs well on that promise – an Internet enabled device. Even after months of the N900 lauch, we're yet to see those cool looking games we saw before and during the N900 launch and the Ovi store upgrade.

    I just hope the MeeGo community and Nokia does encourage developers to come up with great app around the launch of their Meego enabled phones.

  3. I think Symbian should be given a chance seeing the fact that symbian has helped Nokia for many years. As of now MeeGo should be for Nseries devices only

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