Nokia Music and Mix Radio Coming to Lumia in India

In a Press Event today, Nokia India announced the Nokia Lumia 610 for the Indian market. During this event, they mentioned that the Lumia 610 would be launched with Nokia Music & Mix Radio at launch. The good news for the folks waiting for this is that the Lumia 800 and the 710 will also get these in July, once the new updates for these Lumia phones roll out.

Nokia Music gives you access to more than 40 Lac music tracks to download, for free! The only down side is that the Nokia Music subscription for Lumia users would only be for 4 months, after which you can pick up recharge vouchers to extend your subscription. The tracks downloaded are DRM free, which means you can transfer the music you download to other devices as well. Once the subscription expires, you can keep the tracks you had downloaded and it doesn’t expire.

Nokia Mix Radio is a streaming music service for Lumia phones, which allow you to listen to music tracks across multiple genres, streamed straight to your phone. You can also choose to save these mixes to your phone for offline listening when you are out of Wifi coverage. Unlike the Nokia Music service, you can’t move tracks from here to other devices. It’s a streaming service for you to discover new music tracks in your favourite genre.

Here’s a video from Nokia UK showing you how Mix Radio works and how to get Offline access to the tracks. Unlike the service in the UK, you’ll see a lot of Indian music Genres in the Mix Radio when it rolls out here in India.

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