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Redeem PinIts been a while since the Nokia Music India bootcamp, and I’ve been using the free music coupon to explore the Nokia Music mobile client. The first thing that I have to say that it is basically a web client and runs from your device browser. It should’ve been a complete application, with offline access.

The client can be found under the music folder in Nseries devices, as the music store. You’ll have to create a new account for yourself, which isn’t too bad, but it could’ve been linked to the ovi account and that would have made everyone’s life easier!

Once you sign in, you’ll come to the home page. The mobile page has the most popular recent tracks up. You can also search by artist or by album, but not by track. Another thing that must be mentioned is that right now you need a pin to download music. Soon you’ll be able to buy the pin through gift vouchers, and eventually you’ll be able to pay using your credit card.

Once you’re in, you can download a 30 second preview of the song, and then using your pin, download the track. Currently the tracks are DRM protected, so you can only do 4 different client downloads. You can have unlimited downloads if you change your device, as the song is stored in the history. You’ll just have to go to your account history, select the track and download again.
I did notice that sometimes, while playing a track, the license validation hung the device, so that’s another thing that has to be worked on.

Currently, the store is still in its fledgling stage, and needs a bit of work, and a lot more music! I couldn’t find much that I was interested in to download, but that would vary based on your tastes.  Go through the pictures attached. There is not much more that can be said right now, but we are all looking forward to where this is headed next.

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