Nokia N76 Mobile Phone Review and Specifications

Nokia N76 is the first N-70+ series mobile with a flip model, and is similar to a combination of LG Shine and Moto RAZR mobiles. The flip model surely decreases the length of the handset but still there are limitations to open the flip mobile when some USB cord is attached to it.

Measuring 106.5 x 52 x 13.7 mm in dimensions, the mobile looks bigger when opened in hand, but smaller than a normal device when the flip is not open. The thickness is lesser than Moto RAZR mobile.
The external surface has a smaller screen with 3 multimedia keys below it, for music control when the flip is not open. The same keys can be used to read any incoming messages or closing them down.

nokia n76 mobile

As already said, the flip can not be completely opened when any USB connection port or a headset is connected, as the joint is the place where the sockets are located. The phone is solid hard and do not break into bits when accidentally fallen down with some force.

Camera is 2 Megapixel and the quality of images is poor, and the resolution too is low. The pictures can be captured both when the flip is closed, and opened on any of the screens. The front surface screen has to be a rotated position when clicking any images.
The inner screen is large, measuring 2.4 inches corner to corner offering a 240 x 320 pixel resolution and 16 million colours which is good. When watching under sunshine, it seems the phone is off due to inability to display the screen perfectly against bright light.

nokia n76

Memory is not too high from the internal end, with 26MB of internal memory, and a slot for MicroSD card which can have a maximum of 2GB memory.
The battery life is said to be perfect which runs for hours with continuous usage of text messaging, calls and 3G networking.

There is no support for stereo bluetooth, and not everything is so easy and well customized to use. At least the previous N73 is better to use and have better multimedia features.
The phone is priced at near $350 i.e. around Rs. 15000 but the specs do not talk much for that price.

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