Nokia N8 available for pre-order in India

Fonearena, who’re usually right about things like this, found that the Nokia N8 is available for pre-order in India!

Well, atleast in Chennai right now. It seems you can book it now for Rs.3000. The phone is reported to retail between Rs.25,000 – Rs.28,000, and the launch is reported to be between September 13th to 19th…

We’re hoping that the phone comes with Swype, since Swype for Symbian is currently available through Nokia betalabs. Having played with the phone, it seems to be a quite solid buy! Hopefully it’ll retail at a slighlty lower price point than what is reported, which would definitely make it a hit!

In case you swing by a Nokia store in Bangalore, do let us know if the phone is available for pre-order over here too! Comment below, or catch us on twitter, we’re @myportableworld. And do visit out Facebook Page.

Source: Fonearena

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2 thoughts on “Nokia N8 available for pre-order in India”

  1. Hey Bharad,
    Yup, as I mentioned, it’s not confirmed.. So we’re just waiting for official confirmation.. And fonearena has been right about most things they post..

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