Nokia N8 coming soon to India: Maybe within 4 weeks!

Looks like Nokia might just release the N8 on time! According to Fonearena, (who are usually right about this kinda stuff) the N8 should be in India sometime in the next 4 weeks. According to them, it has been confirmed officially.

Now considering that the N8 has been out for preorder in other countries, such as Italy, Nokia will hopefully maintain this schedule and launch it on time!

According the Fonearena, the phone should cost around Rs. 22,000 before taxes.

Also, it seems like the colours that will be launched in India are Black, Green and Silver (pictured above), which is ok, I guess, but there were a whole bunch of other colours that Nokia showed that looked awesome! Hopefully they’ll launch that soon!

Oh wait, just as I was putting this up, there’s an update from Nokia that says it’ll take longer than 4 weeks, and that it would launch sometime early September! Come On already!! Launch the phone!!

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Thanks to Fonearena for the tip.

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