Nokia N8 Urban Spree (Bangalore Edition)

We attended the #N8UrbanSpree that took place in Bangalore on the 29th of October. An event that used the excellent imaging potential of the N8 to capture the essence of Bangalore!

Most of Bangalore’s bloggers were invited, we all met up at the Basvangudi Cafe Coffee Day  for a quick briefing. The Bloggers were split into two Groups; Team A which headed to Vidhan Soudha and Malleshwaram, and Team B which headed straight to Brigade Road.

The Teams had to Live blog the event and tweet the pictures they were taking. The focus being “Vibrance of Bangalore”.

I was part of Team B, I’ve added a small gallery of photographs i was able to take during the event.

The UrbanSpree continues today(30th October) in Bombay and on the 31st of October in New Delhi!

You can keep up with the UrbanSpree on  Twitter, the hashtag is  #N8UrbanSpree .

The Urban Spree was coordinated by Aditya Vaidyanathan from Blogger’s Mind. Who will we handling the events for the next few days as well. We wish him luck and energy! Thanks Aditya, we had a blast!!

Do check out the gallery as well. For more updates follow us on Twitter we’re @myportableworld!


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