Nokia N9 surfaces, complete with a 12MP snapper and MeeGo

Well hello there beautiful! Nokia’s upcoming smartphone, the N9, has been a bit of an enigma. Murmurs of its existence have rippled through the blogosphere for months, and last week some FCC filings did a little more to confirm its existence. Today, courtesy of Pocketnow, we have a teaser video from Nokia, providing us with glimpses of the high-end smartphone that is confirmed to be running Intel and Nokia’s brainchild — MeeGo. The teaser video showcases the phones 12 MP camera featuring Carl Zeiss optics (no surprise there) and also gives us a glimpse of the phones chiclet keyboard and sliding screen mechanism. Mum is the word on pricing and availability. For now, just head past the break and we have the video lined up for you.


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