Nokia N900: Connectivity, Browsing

Continuing with the N900 reviews, we move on to the crucial bits; the stuff that makes the N900 stand out. As we hadScreenshot-20100123-011057 mentioned before, the N900 is more a MID with a phone tacked on, than a smartphone. And web browsing is where it excels. It has to be, by far, THE best browsing experience on a mobile phone. And that is made possible due to the connectivity offered by it (apart from the hardware and the software of course!)


The N900 has it all. Quad band GSM, tri band HSPA (900/1700/2100), Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP and an FM Transmitter (not really connectivity!).  It automatically gets all the settings for GPRS and 3G, but you can manually configure it. Once connected, it stays connected, which is not necessarily a good thing for the battery life. You can enable Wi-Fi/3G as your primary connection, and switch to which ever form of connectivity is available at that time. You can set up the auto-scan for Wi-Fi, and it will switch to any preferred Wi-Fi network available at that time. If you need to be online all the time (and have a spare battery, or a portable charger), this is the phone that you should have.



This is exactly what the N900 was made for! The built in browser, based on Mozilla technology, supports Adobe Flash 9.4. What ever it is you wanted to do on a PC, can be done on the phone! Of course, the drawback is that if you’re not on a fast data connection (Wi-Fi/3G), load times for full websites can be a bit of a pain. It isn’t that bad though, you can browse most sites even on an EDGE connection. Again, the N900 is by far the best browsing experience (currently at least) on a mobile device. The browser by default has a whole lotta popular websites bookmarked. You can set a bookmark as a shortcut on the desktop of course. Each new page launches as a separate window. You can save all your passwords, and that way never have to worry about logging in each time. Even youtube is handled perfectly! In case you want a different browsing experience, Mozilla has Firefox out now for the N900. You can download it here. Firefox has a whole list of add-ons that can be installed, just like the desktop version. Again, its going to be a tough call to say which is better. The zooming, pan and scroll are smoother on the default browser (you can double tap the screen to zoom in/out, or use the volume rocker keys), while firefox is, well Firefox! You can learn more about the Maemo Browser here.


Go through the attached photos below for more screen shots of the N900 doing what it does best – Browsing the web. We will be back with more N900 posts soon. Also, follow us on twitter, we’re @myportableworld.

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