Nokia N900: Initial Setup, Contacts & Communication


As we had mentioned earlier, we received the N900 to test out from WOM World Nokia. Having used it for a little while now, we thought we’d give you an introduction to setting up and running the phone. We will be going through an initial time setup, basic contacts and calender setup, email, Nokia Messaging and IM setup, etc.

Basic Setup:

Once you boot up the phone for the first time, you’ll come to the initial settings page – language, region, date, time.  You would think that this would be a hard phone/device to get used to, but it is actually pretty intuitive. To do the simple stuff at least. Setting up the time just involves moving the hands of the clock, setting up the date involves scrolling through the date tabs.  To choose the time zone, you can just scroll through the world map to the place you are at, or you can enter text and search. You can add upto 4 home screens, and fill them with application shortcuts, widgets, bookmarks or even add contacts.

Time, Region & Date Settings;Desktop Settings
Time, Region & Date Settings;Desktop Settings

Contacts Transfer/Setup, IM and Email Setup:

You can transfer contacts from your old s60 phone through the Settings -> Transfer & Sync tab. You can also transfer contacts, calender and Notes through PC Suite.Editing and adding contacts can be done through the contacts application itself.

You can set up various VoIP and IM accounts from Settings ->VoIP and IM accounts. The phone currently supports Ovi, GTalk, Skype, Jabber and other SIP accounts. You can add MSN support through a plug-in, but more on that in the next set of reviews.Once you enter your username and password, the phone downloads your contacts from each IM service. Do note that once you set up Skype, you can enable calling contacts through Skype from the settings tab.  You can check your balance and add credit through the device itself!

To add an email account, all you have to do is go to the Email icon, and add new account. Once you select the region you’re in, it will give you a list of services that are available. This includes Nokia Messaging (Note: I had to pop in an Airtel Sim to get Nokia Messaging up. Have no idea why that happened, is Nokia Messaging service operator specific?). Enter your username and password and you’re set!

Of course, since there are going to be a whole bunch of contacts, with your phone numbers, mail IDs and IM contacts, it might be a bit of a pain scrolling through your contacts list. You can merge contacts though – just open the settings tab for the contact, select Merge Contact, and select all the other contacts you want to merge this with.

Contacts, IM and Email Setup
Contacts, IM and Email Setup


Once you set up all your accounts, its very simple to use the device. IM and Text messages are aggregated under one simple application. The messages and IM are threaded, so you have your whole chat history. The good think (in my opinion) is that each IM account and texts show up under the same contact name, but are separate. They are arranged by whichever one was used latest, but you can search by typing out the contact name, or by selecting the “new IM” or “new SMS” icon. In case that contact has any chat history, the last thread will show up. You can select and delete individual texts too.

Conversations Menu, IM & On-Screen Keyboard
Conversations Menu, IM & On-Screen Keyboard

That’s it for this portion of the review. We will be back soon with a lot more of the N900. Look through the gallery for more screen shots. There’s a lot to talk about, and we thought we’d show it a bit at a time. Meanwhile, keep following us here. We’re also on twitter, @myportableworld!

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8 thoughts on “Nokia N900: Initial Setup, Contacts & Communication”

  1. hi I have a problem with my Text function on my N900. When I touch on a message to open it up it opens a black screen with no body copy in it. It lest me reply at the bottom of the screen but it does not give me the text of the SMS. Do you have a solution? Thanks Erik

  2. I haven't come across that problem on my N900. Just a quick question, are you running the latest firmware for the N900?
    Let me know the firmware version you're running – you can get that under Settings>About Product under version.

    1. The Skype contacts ( and Gtalk, etc), will be populated in the contacts app. You’ll need to setup your profile to be visible though.

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