Nokia N900's PR1.2 Update is Out Now

Nokia Conversations has announced that the long awaited firmware update for the N900, PR1.2 (V10.2010.19-1) is out now for the lucky people in the UK. The rest of us will have to wait till tomorrow (Wednesday 25th) to get our updates. The new update some cool new features to the phone:

  • Ability to dial USSD code (usually used by operators to get account status and balances)
  • Video Calling from contacts
  • Facebook IM bundled – making this I think the first phone to have Facebook IM bundled in the firmware itself
  • Improvements in the Virtual Keyboard
  • Ability to accept and decline event invites from the email client
  • Portrait mode web browsing
  • File Manager is now able to share any file and/or folder without any third party software like Petrovich

For a full list of changes in this firmware update, head over to the PR1.2 changelog at

Before installing the update make sure you uninstall unwanted applications on your phone and remove the extra-devel and extra-testing repositories if you have installed them. Even though the OTA (Over the Air) firmware update retains all data and settings, do a quick backup to be on the safe side.

If you’ve upgraded to the new firmware, let us know if you find any cool features on the new one. We’re still waiting for the firmware to hit our phones. Thanks for the folks over at ZOMGitsCJ for the heads up.

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Update: If you can’t find the update on your app manager, head over to Nokia Software Updater and update your phone! You’ll have to update NSU first, and the update itself is almost 188MB. Do note that you should make a backup of your phone data, and all installed apps, and have enough space to do the update. Once updated, you can restore all your applications. Enjoy!!

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