Nokia N95, N73 and N82 in Flickr top Camera phones

camera phones flickrIts not Sony Ericsson that has hit the top position, although the high quality cybershots and great quality cameras. In Flickr, its Apple and Nokia hitting it all the 4 top positions.
Apple iPhone 3G has been on the top hitting the graph with great rise, then are the 3 Nokia phones, N95, N73 and N82 in the decreasing order.

These all beat the only Sony Ericsson mobile k800i, which is at the 5th position in the Flickr’s top camera phones. Surely N95 has a high quality 5-Megapixel camera but N73’s camera quality can’t be downgraded. Its surely have the specs to get the #3 position in the list. But we see 3 Nokia phones and no Samsung, LG or other brands in the top list. The lesser talked cameras of Nokia mobiles are still the favorites.

The graph has the highest line with Apple iPhone and the others are N95, N73, N82 and Sony Ericsson k800i. The cameras in Nokia mobiles still rocks!

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