Nokia N96 comes with free music download option – Nokia Music Store

nokia n96It was Nokia 5310 and music edition of Nokia N95 8GB models that were earlier in the list of phones which had the option to download music for free from the Nokia Music Store. Now Nokia N96 also gets into the list.

There is choice to download songs from the 2 million tracks available in the music store. It is for the mobiles which are costlier than the older prices, and costs 540 GBP (around 570 euro or 800 US dollars)!

But the thing is, once you pay some extra amount, you have unlimited access to the music store. No one would try to miss the offer when they are already spending high for the mobile.

The Nokia N96 Comes with Music edition is expected to become available sometimes in January 2009. Check the Nokia N96 review by me.

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