Nokia really doomed?

How many people do you know who have never used an iPhone but are iPhone fans? And how many Nokia/S60 fans do you know? Are they enough to save Nokia from dropping to second place in the smartphone charts? Personally, unless there are some major changes made to S60, I think not.

It’s basically the same old discussion, the use of S60, with an interface that hasn’t changed all that much since the 7650. Yes, there are many plugins and add-ons available, and yes it is easy to use (because its old), but it’s no OS X!. Even the new touch enabled S60 v5 which is used on the Nokia 5800 and the N97 hasn’t done much to change this.

Basically, I am a Nokia/S60 fan. I don’t like the iPhone. I have used it and have recommended it to many people (who think they’re using it for a lot of purposes but end up using it only to call/mail/text). But if Nokia don’t do something really innovative with the Symbian OS they’re using to power their phones, they’re headed for oblivion. I know I’m ranting here but I don’t want to see Nokia go down.

Here’s an article at  Gizmodo you may want to read: Analysts Say Nokia Really Is Doomed by 2013, Apple to Pass It in 2011

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