Nokia Releases Memory Reorganizer For The N97

Monday 04th, January 2010 / 13:16 Written by

Memory Reorganizer for the N97Yesterday when I checked under the Software Updates on the N97, I saw a new applicaiton begging to be downloaded called the Memory Reorganiser.

What this application does is to move some of the applications installed on your Phone Memory (C: Drive) to the the larger drive (D: where you’ll have tons of space still available). Once you install this update, head over to the Application folder on your phone and you’ll see a new application called “Reorganizer” there. Run that application.  It took around 10 seconds to run on my phone and I found that the space on the Phone Memory did increase by around 3-4MB. Other people on the internet have reported an increase of up to 11MB using this.

Did you get more (or less) space reclaimed on your Phone memory (C: drive) when you ran this application? Let us know by commenting below.

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