Nokia unveils Symbian Belle, announces three new Phones

Nokia just officially announced Symbian Belle, the next version of Symbian^3 after Symbian Anna. Belle brings a whole set of improvements to Symbian, including live widgets, drop down notification bar with toggles and more. Visit the Symbian Belle page for more info,here. Nokia says that the current crop of Symbian^3 devices such as the N8, E7, E6, C6-01,C7 and the X7 will get Belle soon. Considering that the N8, E7, C6-01 and C7 just got the Anna update, soon may not really be THAT soon..

Along with that, Nokia announced three new phones, which were part of the 6 leaked handsets from earlier.. So please welcome to the Symbian Stable, the Nokia 701, 700 and 600. These phones also fall under the new nomenclature that Nokia is going to be following.

All three feature NFC Chips, 1GHz processors and Clear Black Displays. Learn more from the Product Pages. Visit the Nokia 701’s page here, the Nokia 700’s here and the Nokia 600’s here.

So what do you think? Symbian Belle phones? Or Nokia with Windows Phone 7 on it? Anyways, here’re some videos of Symbian Belle, and the phones themselves.

Symbian Belle

Nokia 701

Nokia 700

Nokia 600

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