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Nokia X sells out in China in under 4 minutes

Nokia X phone - fast laneIt looks like the Nokia X appears to have a great fan following in China., a Chinese online store, reports that they ran out of their entire lot of Nokia X devices in less than 4 minutes after it went on sale.

One of the reasons that the Chinese market is warming up to the Nokia X could be due to the fact that Google services are not exactly popular there. So the Nokia X phone, which is devoid of Google services, seems to be a great device for the folks there to buy. Also China has quite a few alternate third party stores where Android users can download apps. expects the next lot of Nokia X devices to go on sale on March 31st. Let’s see how well that batch of phones sell.

BatteryBox keeps a Macbook Air charged for 12 hours

BatteryBox - portable charger for mac and iPhone side view
Here’s a tech which should see the light of day towards the end of this year. Battery Box is a portable battery pack which can keep your Macbook Air powered up for 12 hours or charge an iPhone 8 times.

The BatteryBox is equipped with a 12,000 mAH battery which can deliver 50 Whr(Watt Hour) of power to keep your Macbook Air powered up for 12 hours or charge an iPhone 8 times. It comes with a Magsafe 2 connector and USB connector for any USB chargeable device.

The BatteryBox unit itself is charged via microUSB

Since there’s not been much improvement in battery technology of late, instead of re-inventing the battery the folks from GBatteries have developed a method of controlling energy in lithium-ion batteries, which help them to hold more capacity and not degrade over time. They call this tech the BatteryOS (b.OS for short). BatteryOS, by controlling, the workings of the lithium-ion battery, allows the unit to hold 10-40% more charge, and last a long time. Infact, when the product launches, the company will be giving a 5 year warranty for the battery!

They’re open for pre-orders, and are booking orders at $139 per unit.

Learn more about BatteryBox

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