Nokia's Care gets social through Twitter

Nokia has gone a step further into the social cloud by offering support through Twitter. They started up a twitter account this week @NokiaHelps, and have asked you to get in touch with them with your Nokia problems. If you’re in the US, follow the US Nokia Care team over at @NokiaCareUS.

If you’re not the type to scroll through pages and pages of forums and need some quick help, get on twitter and shoot @NokiaHelps your query.

Nokia’s not the first to start this initiative of support through Twitter, some of our Indian telecom companies had already started this method of support earlier this year. I’ve had pretty good experiences with support through @TataDocomo and @Airtel_Presence when I’d gone to them with the problems I’ve faced using their service.

Since a lot of problems can be solved without a visit to the Nokia Care center, we hope this new channel of support should give Nokia’s customers an easier solution to most of their issues. Also give then fact that the Nokia Care’s Indian arm does lack sometimes with problems high-end users of their products face, the @NokiaHelps team should be able to help these folks with their issues as well. So start following @NokiaHelps today.

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