Nokia’s new Asha phones: S40 meets Touch

It was in Nokia World 2011 that Nokia announced the new Asha series of phones, the new set of S40 non-smartphones (or ” Lite Smartphones” as Nokia calls them). They are quite capable handsets that let you do most of the things that you could do with a normal smartphone (check our Hands on Video and our Asha 300 Review). There have been rumors of the Asha series getting Touchscreen devices (on a new platform named “Meltemi” according to some). Well, part of that turned out to be true. Today, Nokia announced three new touchscreen Asha Phones, that run S40: The Asha 305, 306 and 311. These phones will also use Nokia Browser 2.0, which, just like Opera Mini, uses server side data compression to serve up webpages faster (even on slow EDGE networks) and reduce data usage at the same time. The phones have all the usual Social Networking, IM and Email Support and also have Nokia Maps preloaded. And yes, you can play Angry Birds.

Nokia Asha 305

The Specs:

  • Display: 3.0″ WQVGA (400×240), Resistive Touch Screen
  • Imaging: 2.0 MP Camera
  • Connectivity: Dual Band (900, 1800) GSM/EDGE, Bluetooth 2.1, Micro USB for data and charging, Dual Sim
  • Storage: 64 MB, Expandable via Micro SD upto 32GB

The 305 is the new barebones (well, it has most of the stuff you would need) device, which has Nokia’s Easy Swap Dual SIM technology for quick SIM swap and removal. It should be available soon (Q2 2012) for around 63 euros/85 USD. Check out the Product Page here.


Nokia Asha 306

The Asha 306 is basically the same as the 305, but adds WiFi b/g support. At around 68 euros/93 USD, available sometime in Q3, 2012, it should be one of the cheapest WiFi capable phones. Check out the Product page here and the Video below.


Nokia Asha 311

The Asha 311 is the most expensive of the trio (around 92 euros/121 USD). But it has quite a few things that the others do not, chief among them being a Capacitive Touch Screen.

The Specs:

  • Display: 3.0″ WQVGA (400×240), Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Imaging: 3.2 MP Camera
  • Connectivity: Quad Band (850, 900, 1800, 1900) GSM/EDGE, Pentaband (850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100) HSPA, Bluetooth 2.1, Micro USB for data and charging, WiFi 802.11 b/g
  • Storage: 256MB, Expandable via Micro SD upto 32GB

While it doesn’t support a dual sim setup, the rest of the specs should more than compensate for that. Check out the Product Page here and the Video below. You can also check out our Asha 311 hands on post for more details on this device.


What do you think of the New Touchscreen Ashas? Let us know by commenting below, or catch us on twitter.

Source: Nokia Conversations

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