Nokia’s New Meego Device

Nokia will definitely ship out a Meego device this year.  Nokia’s CTO Rich Green announced at this year MWC that the N950 will be the successor to the N900.

The N950 seems to be targeted more at a developer base, much like the N900.  Though eventually it may turn into a mass market phone. No specs of the device have been released as yet, but i do hope Nokia pulls out all the stops on this one.

You can check out the first part of the video below to see the Keynote speech given at the MWC in Bacelona.

I can’t say i have much confidence in Nokia’s long term strategy with respect to OS selection, jumping off a burning platform into a jagged rockface never seems to be a good decision. Obviously I’m still hurting from Nokia’s announcement that WP7 will be the preferred OS for their flagship phones. personally I thought Maemo was brilliant and I hope Meego will be even better.

So here’s to keeping my fingers crossed and hope that the N950 is a great package overall.

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