Nook Vs Kindle – Which One Do You Prefer?

The nice and compact Nook has been opened up to public by Barnes and Noble just the day afterKobo served up a new touch screen e-readerpriced at $129.99. Nook is seriously shorter and squatter compared to the Kindle reader. However the soft touch paint coating on the outside shows finger smudges, even though it gives a smooth rubberish finish to the device. The device has a touch screen with Neonode ‘responsive’ zForce infrared touch technology. The device runs on the modified version of Android 2.1, but the downside is that there are no apps available as of now.

The device is just a simple e-reader, which can read pdf files but not doc files. There is no room for media files either; you cannot listen to mp3 music files. A web browser is also not available. This means that the device is simply designed for ‘reading only’ using which you can read pdf ebooks, magazines and other documents in pdf format. On a comparison with the screen of Kindle, both the screens look just the same because they have the same Pearl e-ink screen. Texts appear pretty much the same on both the screens but Nook has some extra choices of fonts.

Nook has some cool social elements integrated to it via the Nook Friends feature. You can share what you are reading with a list of your friends. You can lend your ebooks (like sharing) to your friends and can also request books to read lendable books from your friends (though the books have to be ‘lendable’ for this feature to work, because that is decided by the publishers). You can also share what you are reading via Twitter and Facebook using the hooks Nook offers; you can also post updates on highlighted passages.

The user interface is very elegant and makes it very comfortable and apt for reading. The device has a built-in dictionary and if you simply tap on a word you can get its definition. There is a little directional/navigation button using which you can navigate through the menus and can also make a selection by pressing the button. The device uses infrared touch technology – there are small infrared sensors around the border of the device which can sense the position of your touch on the screen. Since the sensor is infrared based, you don’t actually have to touch the screen. The sensor can sense your finger just a hair over the screen and the response is clean.

Both, the new Nook the Kindle Wi-Fi come at $139. But there won’t be a ‘Nook with special offers’ at a lower price, so don’t expect that. While Kindle with special offers come at $25 less compared to the new Nook (which is $139). Kindle could beat Nook on this feature since it still prevails as an excellent e-Reader which is appreciated as an easy-to-use device with no touch screen. But if you are laying your hands on a touch screen phone for the whole day, handling Nook won’t be a problem. Nook’s battery life (with Wi-Fi turned off)  is almost double like that of the Kindle Wi-Fi – upto two months.

Well, taking into account of all the features and the price, the new Nook could be a better buy for some while the others could still prefer Kindle. It is all a matter of preference. By the way, the new Nook is open for preorder now and can ship on June 10th.


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  1. Where did you get your chart and the numbers? They are totally incorrect. My Kindle has 3G worldwide (NOT Sprint), and also has WiFi.

  2. Where ever you got that Nook Vs Kindle snapshot from its completely wrong. The kindle has wifi, reads pdf’s directly and you can share books. THe price is about $150.

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