Nvidia: ‘Kal El’ promises Higher performance, Lower power consumption [insert evil laugh here]

For all you Android smartphone users, your days of complaining over short battery life may soon be over! Nvidia’s next-generation super chip, code-named ‘Kal El’ will not only be considerably faster than the current Tegra 2, but will also be more energy-efficient, according to the company’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang.  Nvidia believes that this new SoC (system-on-chip) will further boost the company’s momentum on the market of ultra-portable devices.

The CEO had this to say at the company’s most recent conference call with financial analysts:

“Kal-El is going to be world’s first quad-core [ARM] processor [for ultra-portable devices]. It has so much higher performance than Tegra 2 and at so much lower power! Very few people have internalizes that Kal-El is lower power in every use case compared to Tegra 2. So this is, it is really a great breakthrough based on the technology we call variable SMP, variable symmetric multiprocessing, that makes it possible for us to achieve much higher performance where performance is needed and much lower power in almost everything that you do.”

The Tegra successor is likely to be the chip that gets built into media tablets and most high-end smartphones – so improved battery life may definitely be on the cards. Unfortunately, the CEO was rather less keen to talk software, responding to questions about the next Android OS release – Ice Cream Sandwich – by asking people to talk to Google instead.

Nvidia however have promised that the Glowball demo will be available on the Android Market and that everyone will be able to check it on their devices. Watch this space for more.

[source: pocketgamer via Android and Me]

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