Official Videos: Nokia E7, C6-01 & C7

So I’m sure you know by now that Nokia announced at Nokia World today three new phones (apart from the N8 that is). So here they are!

So there they are: Left to Right – C6-01, c7, N8 and the E7!

Lets start with the C6-01:

Some specs first –

  • 3.2″ nHD Capacitive Screen with Nokia CBD (Clear Black Display)
  • 8MP Camera with Dual LED Flash, AutoFocus and 720p HD video recording

Next up – the C7.


  • 3.5″ nHD Display
  • 8MP Camera, AF, Dual LED flash, 720p HD video recording

Finally, we have the Nokia E7! It’s a MONSTER! It’s also the replacement for the E90!


  • 4″ nHD Display, with Nokia CBD
  • 8MP Cam, AF, Dual LED Flash, 720p HD Video recording
  • Powerpoint and Doucument Creation and Editing on the GO!


Here’s the other video of the E7:

Now, as mentioned before, Vinu is over at Nokia World RIGHT NOW, so follow us on twitter @myportableworld, where he is tweeting live, as I type this!

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