Online World Stylus RollerBall Let You Write on Paper and your Tablet

Here’s a cool accessory for those of you who can afford it. The  Online World Stylus RollerBall from  Online, a German fine writing instruments maker, multitasks as both a pen and a stylus.

Online World stylus Roller Ball PenThe World Pen Stylus rollerball is made of pure aluminum and  is equipped with a  quality stylus tip and allows you to scribble, write or draw on your phone or tablet’s screen. If you have one of those newer touchscreen laptops, yes, this works on those too. The other end of the pen features a rollerball with blue ink for  jotting down your thoughts on paper and signing autographs and cheques. Take your pick.

The product itself is in the premium segment with excellent finish and quality.  You can pick up one of these here in India from a William Penn outlet at Rs.4,225.  William Penn currently has 25 stores spread across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Kochi

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