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Google releases Open Spot for Android – Find and share parking

Open Spot
Find Parking Nearby

Finding a parking spot just got a little easier, thanks to Google’s new Open Spot app for Android.  The concept is pretty simple. Start up the app to see what spots are near (1.5 Km radius) you. As you move, Open Spot will automatically refresh to show you parking spots within a ~1.5 km radius of where you currently are. The color of the pin tells you how long it’s been since someone marked it.

  • Red pins are freshly-marked spots.
  • Orange pins are spots marked over 5 minutes ago.
  • Yellow pins are spots marked over 10 minutes ago.

The application is driven by the idea that you mark open spots you find, and karma rolls back around to help you find one when you need it. The question that inevitably pops is ‘what about those pranksters who’re spoofing parking spots’? Well, Google claims to have their own method of dealing with ‘Greifers‘ – people who mark spots when there are none.

You can download the app from [here]

Open Spot requires Android 2.0 or higher and is currently only available in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands.

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