Oriental showdown in latest Angry Birds update

For all you Angry Birds fanatics, Rovio have announced another update for Angry Birds Seasons and this one comes with distinct flavors from the East; dubbed “Moon Festival” (it’s unclear if thats’s the official name), this endorsement may even include some merchandising tie-in’s such as Angry Birds mooncakes (and NO – you don’t get a slingshot to launch them into your pie-hole!)

The new update, currently slated for a September release, is being aimed to coincide with the Chinese mid-Autumn festival which celebrates the largest moon of the year. Traditionally, this event is accompanied by the eating of mooncakes, hence the product tie-in.

There’s not a lot of details on what you’d be getting but keeping with the Oriental theme you can probably expect something along the lines of Summer ‘Pig’nic; and like all the other previous updates – more levels! Joy. However, Chinese players are getting first dibs. The rest of you are in for a longer wait. Time to start brushing up on the physics of slingshots!

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