OverSkreen, the next best thing in Tablet browsing?

Browser Over Maps
OverSkreen layered over top of Google Maps

The multitasking on Android tablets is pretty good these day, and the browsers are getting closer to their desktop counterparts, OverSkreen is no exception. The developers over at MBFG have got a winner here with this floating browser that sits nicely on top of any other application you want, just like a normal desktop browser. Currently this application retails for $1.49USD on the Android Market.

Unlike other Tablet browsers which use tabs, OverSkreen uses windows, which has the advantage of being able to drag the windows round the screen to arrange them anyway you want. Another advantage of windowed browsing is that you can have two pages open side by side for all your multitasking needs (see gallery below). OverSkreen is not be the most visually appealing browser, with rounded corners and a basic design, it seems to stick out from the rest of the Android OS. Those with bigger fingers may have issues with the close and minimize buttons in the top right corner of each as they rather small, causing them to be difficult to touch at times. At the same time though, the basic design has it’s advantages too – the thin boarder at the top for dragging the windows round and a overlay menu that appears with the touch of  a rectangular grey button make great use of screen real estate. By dragging the bottom right-hand corner you can simply re-size any window and my touching the minimize button, the window disappears down to the status bar, making it easy to bring back up.

Tablets aren’t the only devices to support OverSkreen, but while is can run on phone too, it makes for sense for it to be used on tablets where there is space to place the windows. Adobe Flash is supported, but only on Android 3.0 and higher – use of Flash on Android 2.2 or 2.3 results in the browser crashing apparently. Other than that, OverSkreen runs as well for me as any other mainstream android browser, and there is no noticeable decrease in performance when running windows over top of other applications. While this app might not be for everyone, for those looking to get to multitasking closer to that of a PC, this is a solid full-featured browser that helps to achieve that.

Market Link: OverSkreen

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