Ovi Files is now a Free Service

Monday 20th, July 2009 / 17:00 Written by

Ovi Files

Ovi Files, which was formerly Files on Ovi, a paid service from Nokia, has just become free. The service allows you to share files between your Desktop and your Mobile phone. Once you sign up, you’ll have to install a Desktop Connector software (Windows or Mac). You can then view and access your files, photos and music from your Desktop on the mobile as well. You can also use the storage space provided by the service to access your files even if your desktop is turned off.

When I signed up for the service, they offered me a 10GB storage service for free. Unforunately since I don’t use Windows or Mac, I can’t seem to go forward with the signup. The signup process requires you to download the connector file and install it on the system to complete the sign up process. Why are they giving this service free? Here’s what Nokia has to say:

On-the-go file access is a basic component of a complete mobile lifestyle offering. Providing Ovi Files for free enables Nokia to connect more people to Ovi and accelerate the creation of even more advanced Files and Ovi features”.

If you’ve used this service, let us know how you feel about Ovi Files. We’d like to hear from you.

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