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Ovi Files (previously known as Files on Ovi), recently turned from a subscription based offering to a free service for Nokia devices, along with 10 GB of free online storage. The service basically lets you remotely access files on your computer from your mobile device.

All you need to do is go to https://files.ovi.com on your PC and sign if to your Ovi account (or create an Ovi account if you don’t have one yet). Once you’ve done this, download Ovi Files Connector software on your PC and install it, sign in, browse your files from your mobile browser through the http://files.ovi.com.

Your PC must be on while you browse, but you can load files (thanks to the allocated 10 GB space) to the “Anytime Files” folder, so that you can access them from your mobile even if your system is offline. Anytime Files are automatically synchronised if you change the files on your computer.

Its easy to use, its really useful and its free. Need I say more? Get on it!
Here are some screenshots of  Ovi Files in Action:

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