Paid Apps appear on Android Market in India

Paid apps have finally started appearing in the Android Market here in India. I just noticed this while surfing through the Android market, just after lunch. The Paid apps have the approximate prices in Rupees listed next to the app.

Top Paid tab in the Market app is still missing, but if you search for one of the paid applications, it comes up in the listing, with the Buy Button at the bottom of the app listing. If you are planning to buy from the Android Market, you’ll have to get a Google Checkout account and a Credit Card.

Once click on the Buy Button the first time, you’ll have to accept the Terms of purchase on the Market and you’re lead to the payment screen, where you can choose to pay with an exisiting card from your Google Checkout account, or add a new one to complete the purchase.

One interesting point to note is that you can ask for a refund within 24 hours of your purchase if the app doesn’t live up to it’s expectation, so make sure you’re happy with your purchase as soon as you buy, because the clock starts ticking from then.

If you are looking for how the purchase flow works, here’s how it looks:

So if you were on the look out for the full versions of your favorite app, here’s your chance to get that on your phone. Most of the prices of apps I saw, ranged from Rs 20 to around Rs.500, which doesn’t make buying apps on the Market that costly.

So will you be buying apps for your Android phone from the Market now? Let us know by commenting below. As always, follow us on @myportableworld

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