Panasonic’s Android based Business Tablets to Boost Business

A new set of tablets meant for growing business users was announced by Panasonic. The 90 year old Japanese consumer electronics giant, Panasonic Corporation has achieved many milestones in its history. It is one of the oldest premium brands that have brought many audio visual entertaining devices. Having the core electronic component manufacturing capability and competence, the company has eyed the growing demand for tablets all over the world. These tablets will be handy for business people to carry from one location to another location throughout their hectic travelling schedules.



Extensive care will be taken in equipping these new tablets to withstand water, dust and shock.
You can access these two new tablets for extended hours as they are provided with interchangeable battery back-ups. The new tablets labeled JT-580VT series and JT-581VT series will be made available in December, 2011 and January, 2012 respectively. While JT-580VT comes with 7 inch screen, JT-581VT comes with 10.1 inch screen. The tablet comes with wireless LAN, Bluetooth, IrDA and various other interfaces. It will be fitted with a touch panel that can be operated with gloves. You can deploy function keys for a set of specific tasks by using the programmable features of the device. These two models will be rolled out with Android Honeycomb 3.2 OS. Salient features of these new tablets include IC card reader cum writer as per NFC standards, 3G as an option and improvised security features. The data present in the device can be secured by making use of the IC card reader facility as it will cross check the employee to identify before giving access to the system.

The company claims that new tablets can be used at various planning and design stages of enterprise business applications. The company seems to leverage the potential of both tablets usage and growing popularity of Android OS. The new move goes in this direction so that users get maximum benefit out of Android based OS as more and more android based innovative applications are being launched every day. It is an attempt to attract new clients who are eagerly waiting for an alternative to windows based tablets. Even though the company claims that these new tablets are robust and can withstand drops from 80 cm to 120 heights, the company has not addressed the compensation extended to customers in case of failure to withstand the drops. As per the protection from water and dust mentioned by the company, it is believed that these tablets were tested by applying sprayings of water and dust in all possible directions. These tablets can be deployed to achieve extensive operational success by having the flexibility to use for bar code recognition and connecting a printer through Bluetooth. Business groups can certainly take advantage of these new developments to achieve operational success by actively participating and engaging with Panasonic towards customization of their business needs with a matching tablet. In the coming days, tablets may help integrate operational services by using tablets as productive end terminals.

Let us wait how Panasonic will fare with these android tablets!

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