Photovine Spreads Photos, will be taken down soon

The Photovine Community is better known for creation of unique and fun filled photo libraries which are called as Vines. You can build a photo community by expressing your ideas and themes. The photovine will connect to the like-minded people as mentioned in your photos’ themes. So, in effect, a vine i.e., an album created by you will grow constantly by adding friends and for that matter anyone on the face of the planet can share and connect with you through Photovine. For example, vines can be created on themes like “what weekends are made of”, “party people”, etc. Each person who adds photos to the vine, shares their own experiences about the photos. The sharing will be done in an imaginative, inspiring and socialized style by adding fun.


Earlier this summer, Photovine was available in beta.  You can download it from the App Store. Interestingly, the application hasn’t been made available for Android so far. All of which is moot, as the service will be shutting down come March.

For some, the Photovine application is similar to Instagram and Flickr (where the largest number of photos shared are shot on iPhones). Another similar in line is Piictu. Using Piictu, you can share a screenshot of what you are listening and expect the same from others. This is a small variation of using different mode of communication instead of the traditional text communication. You can communicate through exchange of photos which gives some added fun.

For some Android users, Photovine looks similar to Pool Party – built by Slide. However, it should be noticed that Pool Party is in beta stage and it can be accessed based on invitation only. It looks similar, because Photovine, like Pool Party, is a Slide Product. And slide had announced last year that they would be retiring a number of their products.

Photovine was a brilliant concept (while it lasted), and if you are a photovine user, you should head over to your Photovine Settings page and download all your photos now. It doesn’t look like you can move it over to Picasa like you could with Pool Party. As of now, it looks like Google will soon integrate features of Photovine and Pool Party into Google+ in the near future.

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