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The market is flooded with GPS enabled smartphones. Smartphones are trying to replace the space held by Portable Navigation Devices (PND). Even though smartphones looks like a viable option, the fact is,standalone PNDs offer more enhanced features than ever before. There are number of options available as the market is flooded with innumerable  GPS navigation systems.

Let us learn about some of the finest systems so that your search for your own use will be made easy.

The latest portable navigation systems are not only handy to carry and they have very user-friendly features. You can get the most from these intelligent devices. For example, as you drive down the road you can hear the directions to turn left or right. You can hear street names, get traffic updates and search for point of internet connectivity. You can get the information on a wide-screen.

TomTom Go Live 1535M takes number one slot for its superior performance. One of the top most features that makes you enjoy with this device is its seamless integration with Twitter. Your friends will be instantly informed of your whereabouts like how far you are away from them or how many hours it takes to reach them, etc. TomTom features applications of diverse portfolio including Google, TripAdvisor, Expedia and Yelp. Other connectivity services like weather forecast, fuel prices and city traffic conditions, etc. are available through TomTom. With the exception of proactive searching for connected services, the device is at its best delivering solid GPS performance. You can learn more about the device over at the Product Page.

Garmin Nuvi 50 with 5 inch screen is the cheapest and best navigation system available in the market. You can even save money by going for Nuvi 40 or Nuvi 30 which comes with same features with the exception of the relative small screen sizes. With Garmin Nuvi series of GPS navigation systems, it is simple to learn and work with the interface. You can hear street names as you move on from one location to another location and it is easy to spot the targeted location by using colorful maps. As for a negative factor for the device, you may notice small pixels when you observe text and graphics closely on the screen. The device fares well in the entry-level series. You can learn more about the device over at the Product Page.

Magellan Roadmate 5175T-LM not only helps you navigate but also help you plan your vacation even in unknown cities. Here, you have the possibility to explore new places. The device helps you search local attractions and browse the web using Wi-Fi connectivity.  The Magellan Roadmate 5125 T-LM offers lifetime map and traffic updates in addition to navigational capabilities. You can utilize Bluetooth for hands-free calling so that you may better focus on the road and avoid accidents. Coming to the negative aspects , even though the device covers traffic information, it is limited to major roads and inner roads are not covered extensively. For beginners it takes time to adapt to the interface. Also, while you can search for information and POI (Points of Interest), the available information and POI  are not based on the popularity of that POI. The information is based on the proximity of the POI to your current location. The browser option, while handy, does not give you a free hand for extensive browsing. You can learn more about the device over at the Product Page.

Garmin Nuvi 3790T comes at a premium level. The device is  elegant in size, shape and weight. You do get free traffic information and can enable voice command at anytime (you can set the device to “wake up” with a customizable command). The limitations are that you cannot access traffic information when the device is in your hands and the over polished surface may lead to glare during operation, which isn’t really a good thing for a navigation device. You can learn more about the device over at the Product Page.

You do have options on your mobile devices; Garmin, TomTom and Magellan offer apps for Turn-by-turn navigation (TomTom and Magellan offer only iOS apps, Garmin offers apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry). You also have a great free option; Google Maps for Android offers free turn-by-turn navigation (US and some parts of Europe only for now), and Nokia phones come with Nokia Maps (and Nokia Drive on Windows phones) which provides turn-by-turn Navigation in most Major cities worldwide.  But with new rules being pushed that restrict the use of a mobile device in a vehicle, Portable Navigation Devices still offer best of class features to make your journey easy and safe (while making sure you don’t break any laws).

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