Pin a Contact to your Start Screen on your Nokia Lumia 800

Did you know that on your Nokia Lumia 800 phone (or any Windows Phone for that matter), you can pin a contact to your start screen? If you haven’t yet tried it out, here’s how you can do it:

  • Head to the People Hub, slide to the All screen
  • Select a contact you’d like to pin to the start
  • Long press the contact till you get the menu options
  • Select Pin to Start and that’s as easy as that.
The advantages of having a contact pinned to your Start Screen is you get instant access to that contact to Dial and Message and well as quick access to their social updates. The Contact’s live tile also shows you updates when you have a message or call from the person.  You don’t have to hunt around in the People Hub or the Phone dialer to hunt for your close friends and contacts.
Since’s it Valentine’s day, why not pin your Valentine on your Start screen of your Lumia phone? Check out Nokia India’s Facebook update for a video on how this is done.
Here’s an illustration showing you the steps to follow as well.

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