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The BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) service is all the rage nowadays, with everyone wanting a Berry just to BBM. But what about all the non-berry people out there? Well, cross platform messaging services nowadays bridge that gap! One of the most popular service out there is Whatsapp. But unfortunately, you have to pay every year for the service. But fret not, there is a free service that does everything that Whatsapp does!

Pingchat is free! And it’s something I highly suggest you get your friends on, even though it currently only supports Android, iOS and Blackberry, I hope it’ll soon support other OS’s too.

You can chat the old fashioned way, and you can also transfer photos, videos, audioclips and map data, to an Individual or a Group.

Group Chat
File Sharing

It’s very simple to set up and use too! Just link your number (if you want to) to Pingchat, get a Pingchat ID and Ping away! It’s very simple to add contacts, you just need their ID. I do hope that in the future, autoscans of your phonebook for contacts will be added.

Pingchat Contacts
Add Contacts

There are no settings to worry about either. It’s either working or it isn’t. There was some lag, at times, over GPRS, but otherwise it works perfectly!


Do yourself a favour and download Pingchat. Get all your friends on it too! It’s awesome!

Download it here, or just scan the QR code below!

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