Plan your trip in advance and “Download map area” on Google Maps

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Plan your trip in advance and “Download map area” on Google Maps

I’m sure all of us have been stuck without a map service, due to the lack of a data-plan or network coverage while travelling. Google Labs has just released a feature called “Download map area” available on the latest version of Google Maps for Android which allows you to download the maps for a certain area in advance. With this feature, once you download the Maps for the area you are visiting, it’ll be downloaded to your phone or tablet and you can access it even if you don’t have data-coverage where you’re visiting.

There are some limitations to this feature which are listed below:

  • Once you download the maps for the area, you’ll have access to the basic tiles and landmarks for that area stored on your phone. You’ll not get the satellite view of this area
  • Another drawback is that if you want to search for places, you’ll still need a data connection.
  • Google Maps automatically deletes any maps which you’ve downloaded which are more than 30 days old. So you’ll have to re-download the maps if you plan to visit this area again.
  • One last frustration is that it allows you to download only a 10mile radius around a point offline, so if you’re planning on a going around a larger tour, you’ll have to download multiple areas on your phone.

Even with these limitations, it’s better than not having any maps of the area on your phone and you’re out of network coverage! Get the latest version of Google Maps for Android and test drive this feature. Let us know what you think of it.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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