Playboy coming to iPad full and uncensored in March

Here’s news from Playboy’s head honcho, Hugh Hefner himself tweeting that Apple’s iPad users will be able to get their dose of Playboy full and uncensored from March.

That’s news to us, considering the fact that Apple has a strict policy on their App Store rejecting apps which featured nudity. In fact even today, iphone and ipad users can go to the App Store and purchase the Official Playboy Magazine as apps, minus the nudity.

If this is true, Apple must be finally cracking under pressure and selectively allowing publishers to “violate” their App Store terms. This will certainly anger some of their developer community where Apple’s strict policing of the store has led to rejections of applications like a eBook reader which allowed users to search for books from Project Gutenburg’s site. The reason for rejection was that a user could search for a Kamasutra book from that site and download it to the mobile device.  How weird is that?

Well I’m sure fans of the Playboy magazine are keeping their fingers crossed for this to come true, and this too could result in a new wave of sales of the iPad for Apple. Is this their iPad 2 sales strategy? Let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below.

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