Playing with the Facebook app on the E71

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Message List

We just took the Facebook app for the E71 for a quick test drive. This app provides the same functionality as the application which was available for the Touch screen Series 60 v5 phones. This application’s interfaces seem to have been optimized for non-touch phones and is mostly easy to navigate with the on screen menus.

Application Menu
Application Menu

For people having trouble with the on-screen menus, the application also provides quick links to different sections with the application menu, which you can invoke by clicking on the left menu button. You can take a look at your news feeds, update your status, upload photos from your phone or even take new photos with your camera to upload to Facebook.

Upload a Photo to Facebook
Upload a Photo to Facebook

You also have quick access to your Facebook messages, where you can take a look at the message and reply to them as well. All in all it’s a useful application to have to manage your personal Facebook profile. Some of the advanced features, like Facebook groups and pages don’t work on this application (as one of my colleagues was cursing about).

There are still areas of the application ( especially the photos) which still has a few remnants of the touch screen application asking the user to tap on the photo to add tags. I’m sure these minor issues will be sorted out in future releases.

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If you have an E71 or E72 just head over to Ovi Store and download this app for free on your phone. If you want a direct link to the application on Ovi Stores, click to this link.

Thanks to flashchemist for providing his phone to test drive the app.

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