Prey for Mobile, and Everywhere Else

There are a lot of mobile tracking applications and services out there, both as free of paid premium versions. The one that I use, both on iOS and Android is Lookout. On Android, it also scans applications and files for malware. Well, there’s another one (it’s been around for a while, I just happened to stumble upon this recently) that works on both, for free, and does more than that. It’s called Prey. And it’s also available on Windows, Mac, Linux & Ubuntu for desktops and laptops.

Prey has a really nice connected interface (between your mobile devices and your desktop or laptop). You get instant remote access to the application from another registered device (using your account of course), where you have access to the dashboard. There’s also a web portal for access. Oh, and if you don’t have access to any other connected device (if you don’t have internet access), Prey can be triggered by a text message. Just make sure you’ve pre-set this message.

Prey can also be set up to run and lock down your device if certain triggers are met; say when someone changes the SIM card in the device.

Prey seems to be made both for individuals and for groups or organisations that want to manage multiple devices. The free plan covers one device, with multiple plans starting at $5 per month for 3 devices going all the way up to 500 devices. Check out the details here.
You can download Prey for iOS from the App Store, here, and Prey for Android, here. You can also download Prey for Laptops and Desktops (as mentioned above), here.
Oh, and Prey has a nice testimonial page called Recoveries. Do check it out…

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