Product Launch News – Amazon’s ‘New’ Kindle Tab

Android run new Amazon Kindle Tablet is going to be launched soon. In many ways the piece is similar to Blackberry Playbook. Unlike iPod which depends on 10 fingers, kindle tablet depends on touch pad with 2 fingers. The kindle is back lit. This will be the first full color kindle tablet. We can expect that the kindle may roll out with the latest generation e-ink based display which gives better contrast. It is estimated that by the end of November, the new 7″ tablet will be released by Amazon, although the company has plans to release the 10″ tablet by next year. As per the latest information available through online sources, the piece is almost ready but just undergoing the twisting process of the software to achieve least setbacks or none altogether.

As per the original idea, Amazon is supposed to launch both 7″ and 10″ model this year alone. Later on, the company preferred to launch these products in a phased manner. They decided to launch 7″ first and if the product is successful, it will boost their morale so that they can go for premium 10″ model with advanced features. Amazon’s kindle tablet is likely to compete with Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color which also offers full color screen being built on Android operating system. Amazon has tweaked Android operating system in such a way that it will not look like android at all for users.

Different services are integrated in a clean fashion. No buttons will appear on the surface of the device and everything can be controlled through touch only. Book reader in Amazon kindle performs the same functionality as happens in Android and iOS. Cloud player performs the function of music player. Instant video player performs the function of movie player. You cannot find Google app or Android Market on Amazon tablet. Experts believe that Amazon has cooked the tablet operating system on top of the old Android version. It is evident that Amazon is not going hand in hand with Google which has the authority to approve mobile phones built with Android OS. This could mean that some of the Google Service could be crippled on this device like access to Google Market and others.

According to the lucky folks at Tech Crunch who’ve already had a chance to play around with the device, The Kindle Tablet comes with good user interface. . Amazon will ensure that in addition to games, applications and content, you will be able to run most of the applications available on Amazon’s Android app store. The Kindle is expected to come with a black casing on the backside which is similar to playbook. It has got no camera and is expected to come with 6 GB memory and a single core processor with good battery backup. It is known that earlier launched kindles are giving battery backup of up to 2 months with a book reading rate of half-an-hour per day. It may offer free subscription to some premium services for a limited period of time and facility to purchase any number of items with free shipping, via the Amazon Prime addon service. One of the important freebies includes free access to video service offered by Amazon. Unlike the earlier launched kindles which are of low profile, the new one is going to be a high end tablet.

Kindles are selling like hot cakes on Amazon for the past two years. There is demand in two angles, i.e. for personal usage and gifting others. These have been getting 5 star review ratings consistently on the website which shows the usefulness of these products by being able to read, organize and access books and other applications as per your convenience.

Do you want to kindle with these tablets?

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