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How many times have you forgotten to unset the silent mode on your phone in the morning and ended up missing calls? After being plagued with this, I set out searching for an application which you automatically set my phone on silent mode every night and bring it out of silent mode every morning.

I found this great freeware from Dr. Jukka which solves this problem called Profile Scheduler. This applications should work fine all most Symbian Series 60 phones (3rd and 5th editions).

Unforunately the signed download provided on the site is signed by a third party called Adtronics, which makes it an adware. You can still download the unsigned version from this link – and head over to the Symbian Signed Online, upload this and add your IMEI number to get the application signed for your phone (to avoid the adware).
Once you install the application, start it and click on the menu button to add a new timed profile:


You can choose the profile to switch to and the time at which to switch to the profile in the next screen:


You can add multiple entries to mange the profile on your phone to your convenience.


A very helpful app to make your phone even smarter! I don’t know why Symbian is missing this feature in the first place. They should have this option on the phone in the first place.


Profile Scheduler Page :
Symbian Signed Online to sign applications –

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