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Friday 07th, August 2009 / 11:55 Written by

So while going through the various Facebook and Twitter integrated clients (I still believe gravity is the best btw), I came across MobiTile. Its a flash application, and integrates Facebook, Twitter and LiveJournal.  Signing in to facebook is a little cumbersome, you have to use your phone browser to grant the application offline access to facebook, but the twitter setup was instantaneous. I have not used livejournal, so I can not comment on the integration of it into the application. Do note that you need to have flashlite 2.0 or greater for the app to work.

One issue that I did have with the app (v0.3.0 – the application is still in beta), facebook refused to work after the first time I logged in, so that leaves us with Twitter.

The app has quite a few features; you can do the usual post, reply,ReTweet, etc, view user profiles, follow and block, etc.

All said and done, its got great potential, and you should try it – http://www.mobitile.com/

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1 Comments on “Quick Look into MobiTile

  • Firstly, thank you very much for the review!
    We are looking for a method to make registration on Facebook more adopted to mobile devices. It's very probably, the refusing with a Facebook connection is provoked by loss of FB session. Unfortunately, there's no way to renew it in 0.3.0 without of removing the application and reinstalling it again. This bug is known and it will be fixed in next version as well as a few new features will be added too.

    Thanks once again,
    Alex Tur


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