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Launched by a startup with ex-Facebook  and an ex-Google team members, Quip relooks at the age old word processor. The big name in Quip is  Bret Taylor who was the CTO of Facebook for a while. Word processing has been ingrained in everyone’s mind as being a task for desktops, and not mobiles. Quip wants to disprove that and mobile users do as much work as possible from their mobiles as well.

What I love about Quip is the simplicity of it. Most word processing software these days have complicated options to make a document look like it’s been edited and laid out for printing. It’s not too great with the medium of sharing is the web and mobile, since print’s on the decline.

Quip provides an easy interface to edit your document with minimal formatting, so you can export it out to once your work is complete. Of course, not everyone would agree with me on this. The simplicity could be a put-off for someone who lives in let’s say Microsoft Word or Open/Libre Office universe. For me it’s a distraction free editor which allows me to focus on the content, rather than the formatting and how it looks.

Wait that’s not all, whether you’re working on an article or writing up a shopping list you can also invite your friends or family to collaborate with you by sharing a folder of documents with them. They can edit the documents and you see the changes real-time on all their devices and have a conversion with them by messaging them. This is similar to the collaboration features which Google Docs provides.

Quip comes with a web version on quip.com and has their official apps for the iPad and iPhone in the iTunes Market. Android users can try out the alpha version of the app from Google Play. The alpha version on Android doesn’t have the ability to edit the docs yet, but it should come in a future update.

Quip’s service is currently free to use for consumers and small companies which let you collaborate with up to 5 users. They offer paid services to bigger companies at $12 per month for each user. Scroll down for the Download links for your device, and if you’re on your desktop point your browser to quip.com to get started online as well. Once you’ve used it, let us know your thoughts on Quip by leaving us a comment below.

Download Links

Developer: Quip
Price: Free
Quip: Docs, Chat, Spreadsheets
Quip: Docs, Chat, Spreadsheets
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