Qyuki – A new social network for creative minds

Qyuki, a new social media platform promoted by two of the most celebrated creative minds of India, Shekhar Kapur and A.R. Rahman, was  launched last Wednesday.

With telecom giant Cisco as their technology partner and an investor in the company (a first as far as early stage start-ups go according to Cisco’s Head of BD Hilton Romanski ) Qyuki aims to differentiate itself as a social media community built around the desire to create and collaborate, “To provoke, connect and bring out the imagination potential of Indians..” according to Shekhar Kapur via a nine city Telepresence organized by Cisco. Qyuki CEO Poonacha Machaiah said that Qyuki is a platform not just for urban cities but also for Tier-II and Tier-III cities which could be an untapped font of creative talent. Qyuki’s technology platform has been deployed on Cisco’s state-of-the-art datacentre technology.

At first glance Qyuki  appears to be a mash up between pinterest and deviant art with a dash of soundcloud, vimeo and youtube. Qyuki CEO, Poonacha, says the platform aims to give consumers a complete creative journey based on  4C’s –

  • Community
  • Content
  • Collaboration
  • Celebration

Qyuki will be a repository of content created by Experts from various fields who will share exclusive content as well as mentor amateurs on the network.  The website already features works by Shekhar Kapur like Warlord & AnimalOcity and music from A.R. Rahman’s music conservatory project Melange.

Once you’re a member of Qyuki,  you get a profile page where you can showcase your work. Content you post on Qyuki can be either music, video, pictures, or text and can be classified into categories such as short films, animation, scripts etc. Any content you post is owned completely by you, the creator. Qyuki has plans in the future to have a marketplace which will allow content creators to monetize their work. Any content you post on Qyuki is visible for the public to rate and comment on. A new and interesting feature here is the Mood Tag. The mood tag gives members a chance to gauge the emotional pulse of the consumer w.r.t particular piece of content posted on Qyuki and is much more informative and engaging than the old like/dislike type reactions.

Gauge user’s reaction to your work

CEO Poonacha explained how they planned to monetize Qyuki once the platform gained significant traction through advertising and Brand engagement and the marketplace. Qyuki has planned for mobile apps across all major platforms and are due to release an Android app soon which was demoed at the launch.

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