Radiation Monitoring Smartphone Cover – Japan’s Tech Gift

Technology’s initial duty is for the good of humanity. However, accidents happen and often-natural disasters can lead to exponential bad consequences when they tweak the basic nature of technology. Recently, such a situation developed in Japan with the earthquake and Tsunami series that caused a disastrous accident at the Fukushima nuclear reactor unit in Japan. Fortunately, technology is evolved enough that slow baby steps might actually help people to eradicate the problem gradually. At the very least, technology can come to rescue on an alert and prevention duty. This is exactly the aspect with which in mind NTT DoCoMo has evolved their radiation monitoring Smartphone cover line in Japan.


These ultra effective Smartphone covers can gauge the radiation poisoning in any particular area. Considering the panic that was the chief riveting effect of this disastrous situation, it is natural for people to want to keep alert at all times. Since, it is a known danger currently, a level check of radiation in an area can reveal the areas to avoid.

The radiation monitoring Smartphone cover needs an app to reveal the results in a decipherable presentation. The app gives out the results in the form GPS stats that will give you the areas and coordinates where the radiation poisoning in the air is at its peak. Avoiding these red zones is your only solution.

The device is still in its testing phase but the company is intent in perfecting the methods in which the device can be used. The important part is that this device is collaborating two aspects of technology to give an essential function to the users. Smartphones have already started taking the market in their grip. It is a sensible ploy to develop something as essential as radiation monitoring co-joined with covers of the popular trend.

Other big companies in the tech field are making similar constructive efforts. In fact, the problem at the door is so huge that without such large-scale efforts, it will be next to impossible to avoid further distress in the country. Safecast, which was formerly known as RDTN.ORG, is taking this initiative to a larger audience by going open source with their Geiger counters project. The Geiger counters have been established in many parts of the country and the data on radiation levels is collected and then revealed in the Safecast site. Information is the only way that the situation can be brought back in to control. In fact, this initiative brought in to light distressing facts such as increased radiation levels in a kindergarten around North Tokyo.

Other than the radiation monitoring cover that is in development, NTT DoCoMo is also focused on developing three more covers that can be interchangeably used with your Smartphone. These covers can individually measure your breath for bad odors or even alcohol levels, UV light levels and its skin damaging strength levels, and your muscle density and fat levels.

In conclusion, technology is not lagging too far behind, when it comes to disaster effects management. Let us just hope that the developed products hit the market soon so that they can be put to effective use by the populace.

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