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Kindle for Android
Kindle for Android

If you want to read ebooks on the go on your phone, here’s yet another way you can. Amazon has released the Kindle for Android, where you can read ebooks you buy from Amazon on your phone. I have the Kindle as well, but find this application useful for time when you want to read, but don’t have the Kindle device handy.

You don’t have to own a Kindle to use this application. You can buy ebooks from Amazon and have the books delivered straight to your phone. You can download the books, you have access to and read them comfortably on the phone. The app also provides options to change the font size and the color schemes to make your reading experience comfortable. I personally prefer a black background and white text while reading on a backlit device.

Another cool feature I noticed that that when I read a book on the Kindle ( the device), and opened the same on the Android app, the app took me straight to the page where I stopped reading it on the Kindle device. Great feature to make my reading experience pleasurable, by not have me hunt around for the page I stopped reading at.

The Kindle application allows you to read the book in potrait or landscape mode and you can turn pages by flicking the page or just tapping either side of the page to go back and front. As easy as that. You should try out this application if  you like reading.

The Kindle App itself if free to download, but the ebooks you read on the device could cost you. Search for some of the free ebooks available on the Amazon Kindle Store to test drive the application.

Kindle for Android requires a phone running at least Android 1.6 to install, so if your phone is capable, download the app from the Android Market by searching for Kindle or scan the QR code below on your phone:

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