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Red Bull, who we know support all kinds of sports (From F1 to WRC to skiing and everything in between), also support “the arts”. I stumbled upon a Bunch of Red Bull apps on iTunes and here’s a quick run through of what’s what.

RBMA Radio:

(iTunes Link)

This is by far one of the best Internet radio apps I’ve come across, especially if you’re looking to discover new music & artists. RBMA stands for Red Bull Music Academy, which is basically, “world-travelling series of music workshops and festivals: a platform for those who shape our musical future.”

You can scroll through the Features list, Live Recordings or Mixes from the Landing Page, or Search for Artists, or scroll through Genres, or listen to Live Streams. 

The Now Playing Screen also shows a Bio of the Artist, and you can add them to your Favorites list, which you can access later. Here’s the Description from iTunes:

Red Bull Music Academy Radio is one of the largest sources for cutting-egde music on the web. Founded in 2005 as a spin-off of the world-renowned Red Bull Music Academy workshop series, it offers thousands of interviews, features, DJ mixes and live recordings from the best clubs and festivals across the globe – all available on-demand at With this iPhone App, you can now pack serious music on the move, wherever and whenever you want.


Red Bull TV
(iTunes Link)

This app pretty much covers everything Red Bull does, From Music to Sports to Performing Arts and everything in between. Again, the interface is simple and intuitive. You can scroll through the list of featured videos on the Main Page, or Search through the various categories, or just look for the Live Program, there’s always something running.

There are a couple of other apps you can try out too, like the Red Bull BPM series of apps if you’re into music creation. Of course, there’s the bunch of Red Bull Racing Apps that are pretty much must haves!

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