Remote phone lock for your N97

Did you know that if you loose your phone, you can actually lock it remotely ? You don’t need to install any special software to do this. You can setup your handset to lock itself up by sending an SMS to the phone from anywhere. This will help protect the data on your handset from prying eyes.

Here’s how you set it up:

Phone Management Menu Security Setting Menu

Head out to Settings > Phone > Phone mgmt > Security settings > Phone and SIM card menu on your N97. Under Phone and SIM card, scroll down to the Remote phone locking option and click on it to enable it.

Enable Disable Setup the Message Enter the lock Code

Touch or click on the Enabled option to enable Remote phone locking. Once you do that you will be prompted to enter a Remote locking Message. Select a secret message to type in here; this is the message you’ll need to send to your phone to lock it up. Make sure it’s not too common a message, or you’ll keep locking your phone when you receive a message like that. You’ll be asked to confirm the message, so retype it again. Once you’ve done this you’ll be asked to enter the phone lock code. If you haven’t changed the default settings on the phone, type in 12345 and click on OK. If everything goes right, your phone is secure and ready to lock as soon as you send it the secret message.

If you have a memory card installed on the phone, even the memory card will get password protected, so if anyone takes the memory card from the phone and try reading it on the computer, they’ll need your secret message to unlock the card to read it.

This tip should work on most of the newer Nokia N-series and E-Series phones. The menu locations to the Phone and Sim settings my vary from model to model.

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