Restoring Data on your N900

Yup. We all make stupid mistakes and when it’s something as serious as WIPING OUT ALL YOUR DATA ON YOUR PHONE (I mean everything; contacts, calender, settings, messages, application data and ALL backup and restore files), you’re pretty much S*****d!!

Or are you?

Turns out there may be a way to save your Data!!

(PS: I admit that I’m an idiot and I went and wiped out my N900. I also freely admit that Nokia’s customer care was of no use.)

Here’s what you do:

  1. Connect your N900 to the PC on Mass Transfer Mode
  2. Use any data recovery software (I used the Demo of File Scavenger)
  3. Just do a quick search and recover onto the N900. As far as possible try not to put back all your photos and videos and music files because that’s going to take forver.
  4. So File Scavenger recovers all the data but can’t link it to the right path on the phone, so you’re not going to find the restoration files in the Backup App on your phone. Here’s what you do for that:
  5. Open file explorer on your comp (assuming you still have the N900 connected on mass storage mode)
  6. Search for a folder that has at least a part of “BACKUPS” in it. I found a file named _ _CKUPS.
  7. Rename it as BACKUPS
  8. Now check out the data on the BACKUP app on the phone.

VOILA!! You’re set.. Restore everything, and don’t make the same mistake again!!

Yup, we at @myportableworld can help out. At times. If we figure out what to do.

Come back for more news, reviews and updates. Hopefully, it won’t be because of this!!

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  1. Why hell all these site talk blog about devices and make it seems like you can really get help
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